Pinot Noir Barrique, QbA

Pinot Noir Barrique, QbA


Weingut Escher

Aged in smaller oak Barrique barrels from Bordeaux, this dry Pinot Noir from Weingut Escher is a truly exceptional example of German red wine. Best enjoyed after decanting, this wine presents the taster with a perfect symbiosis between velvety red fruits and gentle vanilla notes. Winner of the Silver award (Silberne Kammerpreismünze) for Weingut Escher.

Tasting notes: Dry, velvety red fruits and gentle vanilla notes

Vintage: 2015

Alcohol: 13.5%

Style: Dry

Provenance: Gau-Bischofsheimer Glockenberg, Rheinhessen, Deutscher Qualitätswein