About us

What exactly is Heimat?

There is no single definition for the term "heimat". The German equivalent of "home" is Heim. German philosophers have described "Heimat" as an "idyllic world" found within the trinity of community, space and tradition.

This is exactly what Rheinhessen is for us! Hills covered by vineyards overlooking the river Rhein. A longstanding tradition of wine growing - passed on from one generation to the next. And people who welcome guests with a warm smile and a glass of wine. 

So why the name Heimatwine

These are the wines that remind us of home. In the summer, light, refreshing varieties of Riesling, Silvaner and white Pinot varietals bring us back to days spent in the Rheinhessen vineyards - long walks, tending to vines, and of course the weekly wine festivals. In the winter, Dornfelder and aged Pinot Noir, remind us of cheerful nights with friends and family.



 Our Mission